Bracelet Charms – Wide Array Of Colors And Shapes

There are various kinds of pearls that are available in the market; these include Tahitian black pearls, South Sea pearls, fresh water pearls and keshi pearls. Grown in French Polynesia, the Tahitian black pearls are available in a range of colors and are quite costly to produce.


South Sea pearls, grown in saltwater, are known for their satin texture and shine. Typically found in an array of colors like white, gold and silver, these types of pearls are not easy to produce and hence are quite expensive. On the other hand are freshwater pearls that are available in a wide array of colors and shapes, and are less expensive than the other variants.

Lastly, keshi pearls also referred to as “poppy seed pearls” are formed due to the oyster rejecting the nucleus before completion of the cultivation process. Due to this reason, keshi pearls are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
A pearl goes through an enhancement process prior to being sold in the market. These are revealed to the customers through specific codes.


Apart from natural stones, the other types include bleached, dyed or irradiated. While pearls are bleached to improve its color and appearance, it is dyed to provide a blue, rose or gold overtone, or electro-coated to achieve grey to black colors.
Owing to its natural properties, pearl requires special care and attention. To always keep it in best condition, avoid exposure to chemicals and acids. Keep it away from water to keep the pearls from dehydration and cracking.

Trends of the Season: Layers, Circular and vintage Jewelry

G-bracelt2Trends come and go, some bow out in a jiffy while others stay put for longer. Same holds true for jewelry! Jewelry trends are formed every season, some are fresh off the runway while others are celebrity-inspired. One thing that is a stable in this forever-changing and dynamic industry is the fact that jewelry is the best accessory that can add a completely different dimension to your overall look and personality. However, following a trend blindly can prove to be quite disastrous. Along with latest trends, throw in a few pieces of classics to update your wardrobe and stay uber chic. The latest trends that have been lapped onto by the fashion-conscious jewelry connoisseurs include cocktail rings, right hand rings, layered jewelry, charm bracelets, circle jewelry and vintage jewelry.

1020Jewelry is the perfect medium to state who you are. One look at the iconic stars like Ava Garner and Marilyn Monroe and you know what exactly it is that makes them a fashion icon. Even today, there is no better place to seek fashion jewelry inspiration from than Hollywood celebrities and pop icons like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez who have made the layered jewelry look a rage amongst the youth. Others like Kiera Knightly, Jennifer Anniston, Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz have been seen sporting the ‘circle necklace’ and this exactly triggered the circular jewelry trend.

Diamond rings have been known to adorn the left hand finger of women, mostly as engagement or wedding rings. However, women have now taken to wearing diamond rings in their right hand fingers as well to mark their independence and emancipation. The trend first gained entry in the United States of America and has stayed there for some time. It is now slowly making advent in the UK market as well. Similarly, the cocktail ring trend has also swayed women around the globe. Beautiful, bold and colourful, cocktail rings too are worn in the right hand fingers. With big colourful gemstones at the centre and sparkling diamond setting at the edges, cocktail rings have never really gone out of favour with the fashionistas and is still going quite strong!

Bracelets Make Men Flaunt their Individual Style Statements

G-bracelt2All jewelers also believe that having a broad category of products is the key to succeed in the men’s jewelry category. While men have always had options in this industry but the choice has always been very limited. To fill the gap, jewellers have been trying to innovate and re-invent to create exquisite products that suit the taste of this category of customers. Just like kid’s jewelry ranges that can only succeed with broader categories, men’s jewelry too can record unprecedented sale but only when accompanied with larger and broader options.

How much men fancy brands cannot be stated with confidence. But one thing is for sure, men go for the overall styling of the jewelry. In this category, leather and stainless steel collectibles have been registering record sales. These are the materials that are considered to be quite masculine by men and hence a preference for them is quite obvious. Apart from the traditional items like cufflinks, stainless silver rings, sterling silver bracelets and tie pins, men have also shown a fancy for plaited bracelets, as well as alternate metals like the rarely used tungsten.

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While the sales reports in this category might show contrasting results, one thing is for sure; men are quite serious about their jewelry and to ignore them would be tantamount to losing a big share of this upcoming market. More details

The shine and lustre of a pearl determines its true quality and value. It is important that the pearl’s surface be without any blemish so as to allow the light to reflect and make it shinier. First created in the 1800s by Kokichi Mikimoto, cultured pearls are not naturally produced but need human intervention to be created. Just like saltwater pearls, cultured pearls are made by humanly placing a bead nucleus and mantle tissue into a saltwater oyster which is placed back in the sea for a year or two. Freshwater cultured pearls on the other hand are formed by inserting a mantle tissue into a mussel. Following the implantation, it is returned back to the sea.

Jewelry Update: Gift Ideas for your Family

16Buying the perfect gift for someone you love or admire is quite a daunting task. Buying a gift for someone you have known forever is difficult; however, the task becomes even more difficult when you do not know the person for whom you have to buy a gift. Any which way, the task is not an easy one. Here we intend to make this task a little easier for you by suggesting some great gifting tips for the entire family. What is that one thing that is the ideal gifting option for people of different age groups, lifestyle and choices? It is jewellery!Click here! So let’s discuss on what could be best to gift and to whom!

Begin this overwhelming task by determining your budget. Fashion jewelry makes for a perfect gift to be given to your loved ones as it comes in great variety to suit people of varied tastes and is quite affordable too! Thinking of gifting a piece of jewelry to your mother for the upcoming Mother’s Day? How about a stringed pearl necklace that is forever classic and chic. It complements almost age groups and all types of ensembles. Be it a pearl bracelet or necklace, it is sure to add some grace and charm to her personality. Update her jewelry collection by gifting her Tahitian pearls that come in varied hues to add some color and add a new dimension to her look.

Thinking of gifting a fascinating piece of fashion jewelry to your daughter on her birthday? Stud earrings encrusted with shiny diamonds is something that she will cherish and wear for her lifetime! Diamond is surely a girl’s best friend and is one stone that goes well with almost all ensembles. A charm bracelets decorated with her birthstone would add a personal touch to your gift and would definitely touch her heart!

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When it comes to older ladies like your grandmother, choose a jewelry piece that suits her age and style. It should be something elegant and classy like a brooch that would add a new dimension to her collection and personality. Available in varied designs and styles, a brooch with colourful stone can make even your simple jacket look glamorous instantly!

Exclusive Fashion Jewelry for the Working Women

G-bracelt2Since time immemorial, men and women have been resorting to jewelry to beautify themselves. As far back in time as we can think of, jewelry has been the preferred mode of adornment for both the genders. Deft hands have been creating exclusive masterpieces made from fine metals and stones like gold, silver, platinum and diamonds that adorn the hands, heads, necks and wrists of those who have a penchant for these fineries. However, in modern times, precious metals have given way to the semi-precious and fancy ones that look just like the real stuff without burning a hole in your pocket.

This holds more true for the working women who prefer these fantastic pieces of fashion jewelry that helps them stay stylish and trendy within a budget, along with providing them with a sense of security.


Gone are the days when only flashy fine jewelry was designed by the internationally acclaimed jewelry designers. Today, exclusive pieces of fashion jewelry are equally in vogue. No longer do we sift through our heirloom jewelries when the occasion arises as each occasion demands exclusive stuff that makes you stand out of the crowd. In such a scenario, fashion necklaces, bracelets and earrings make for a perfect choice.

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Especially for the working women who wish to adorn themselves with latest fashion trends without having to look flashy. This is why fashion and costume jewlery has made a comeback in your treasure chests in a big way. Pearls, oysters and ceramics are the top choices for working women as they gel equally with your workplace, as well as the after-work parties. Sapphires, ruby and emeralds look chic and classy when matched with the color of your work wear.

Italian Charm Bracelets

1020Italian charm bracelets have come in existence from Europe but actually made famous by the Americans. These bracelets are crafted with individual links which put together to create Italian charm bracelets. There have been 18 links in these kinds of bracelets and each of the links carries its individual style. For the fashion freaks, Italian charm bracelets are available in various designs in the market giving a wide range of options to the buyers. One can carry these bracelets as per the occasion as they are available in almost colors pattern, styles and shapes that go well with both casual and formal attires. Italian charm bracelets were worn first time by European soccer players in mid1980’s with elegantly crafted symbol of their national flags on them.

The most common materials that used in Italian Charm bracelets are silver and gold with its base made of stainless steel. These bracelets can be made 18 to 22 karat gold with genuine gemstone that made it an expensive jewelry item. The best thing about these bracelets is their availability in different sizes. The small sized of Italian charm bracelets usually carry 17 charm links whereas medium sized bracelets have 18 links. One can also find larger Italian charm bracelets having 19 links. However, if you want to make your bracelets in larger size then you can add more links to it, as per your needs and requirements. Italian Charm Bracelets

With passing time, the popularity of these bracelets spread across the world. In its initial time, these bracelets were quite expensive because they made of high quality stainless steel with 18 karat gold on the top, but later to make it more affordable, designers and manufactures also used cheaper materials to bring down its price range. Italian charm bracelets are also best things to gift someone closed to you. These bracelets are seen as the token of love, care and respect. To make it more worthy, people also go for customizing these bracelets so that they can express their real love for someone special to them. The prices of these charm bracelets vary from designs to design. So, choose the best one as per your budget and bring a smile on your loved ones.

Decorate Christmas Tree with Eastern Egg Charms

easten egg3 I dream I was decorating my Christmas tree in exhuberant jewels rather than the old school and somewhat dull balls! Whilst sipping a cup of steaming green tea the following morning, I thought what’s stopping me doing so in real life?!

Christmas tree was something of a fashion statement, borrowed from the German tradition and made popular by Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert in 1841. Once the public caught a glimpse of this beautiful evergreen, decorated in silk, lace and feathers, it caught on and became a worldwide sensation.

just love how playful these charms are, with their airy design that seems to set them inmotion. Said to evoke the rhythms of
the Russian seasons, the spiral pattern certainly reminds me of home and the wintry winds at this time of year.

easten egg2My favourite is the spiral blue enamel rose gold charm with white diamonds and blueeasten egg1

cold enamel set in 18 karat rose gold. The truth is, any one of the fabulous jewels I’ve curated on GEMOLOGUE would make the perfect gift this year. Which one would you choose to decorate your Christmas tree?





Celebrate Easter with this adorable charm. The large egg made of 100% sterling silver polished to a brilliant shine is engraved on one side with “Happy Easter

Anniversary Gifts

Most couples that celebrate their wedding day exchange gifts through the years of their marriage with many kinds of gifts. However, the anniversaries that are significant are the ones that will require special choices of anniversary jewelry. Many styles of jewelry are acceptable, but some are more so than others. Many people choose certain styles in jewelry for certain anniversaries

When two people step into the celebration of their silver wedding anniversary, they are celebrating twenty five years of being married and being together in the bond of love. The thing about this kind of bond is that it grows stronger and stronger with each passing year. The gift of silver anniversary jewelry will the best at conveying the significant meaning that twenty five years of marriage symbolizes. Choose from silver and pearl rings or necklaces.

Many anniversaries, especially wedding anniversaries, ought to be likely the most enthusiastic celebrations in your lifetime. You’re praising your day you’ve made that incredible lady your mate forever, understanding that she chose to stroll down which life way with somebody like you. She should be dealt with toward the best commemoration jewelry gifts you’ll see that will be suitable for the occasion, and we’re here to guarantee you get help with picking them.


Earrings as commemoration gifts jewelry, are the least difficult things to match up with that traditional arrangement of gift materials. You understand, the one which states so-thus year should be paper, wood, or maybe a valuable metal or even gemstone. With earrings, you can really coordinate the material towards the gift, and it should be on the configuration you know will clear you out. Hence it is a smart thought that men should be more attentive. Being mindful to her needs and needs can offer you some assistance with selecting just the one she’ll adore.


Necklaces are among the most sentimental commemoration jewelry gifts that you could give your wife, especially to watch a wedding commemoration. They may be from the straightforward sort, having a strong chain alongside an one gemstone, in a perfect world her birthstone or even precious stones. Alternately, in the meantime, you have the capacity to give an accessory that is made out of individual connections or even gemstones, by and large in adapted hand made settings. For people who wish to adhere to the more regular yearly way, you will discover dots made by most of the materials recorded, and might effectively be altered.


In advancements for commemoration gifts jewelry, a steady idea has a place with gifting your cherished one with an arm ornament. An arm ornament is one thing that isn’t generally a standard entire, yet rather involved chose pieces that upgrade each other, to create a decent entirety. It’s additionally a terrific approach to redo the gift, selecting charms that signify key minutes in her life, or maybe your excursion just like a couple.


A ring isn’t a gift regularly considered to give to have a commemoration gift, but since the years pass, you may discover fitting fantastic motivations to accomplish this. Birthstone rings are to a great degree prevalent amid the early various years of the marriage, and could be later designed into the ring known as the mother’s ring, to commend babies in transit. Obviously, overhauling or changing the wedding rings would even be welcomed.